Unergi Body-Psychotherapy is a Holistic Therapy method created by Ute Arnold. She developed the Unergi Method by integrating touch with the Alexander Technique, talk in the form of Gestalt Therapy, Unergi Core-Support Movement based on the Feldenkrais Technique™ with creativity and the Healing Forces of Nature. Read more...


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Stuck is Not a Place

The new e-book on Unergi Body Psychotherapy

Work such as Ute Arnold’s is relevant and timely. This book provides a step towards a self-healing journey where the nature of the inner and outer worlds are honored as co-creative partners.
— From the Foreword by Candace Pert, PhD., author of "Molecules of Emotion" and interviewed in the movie "What the Bleep do we Know":

Silk Painting with Ute Arnold