Past Journeys

A Sacred and Intimate Journey to

BUTE  ISLE, Scotland

with Ute Arnold

September 9-17, 2015

BUTE ISLE is an island in the Firth Clyde of Scotland, 15 miles long and 4 miles wide with 7.300 inhabitants.
I am drawn by the descriptions of all the energy sites and stunning photos of nature my friend Elaine Campbell, who lives there, sent me.

- A healing loch shaped like a heart, and other sacred water sights
- Islands rising and disappearing in the mist
- The Roseline Fault Line mentioned in the D'Avicini code, and the Highland Fault line
- Rothesay castle with a mote (in which Elaine played imaginary childhood games with Viking kings and queens)
- Mount Stuart House, an amazing mansion whose dome is made of glass depicting celestial bodies
- St. Blane's Chapel and monastery
- Another chapel we will get permission to visit with Mother Mary energy, which has a floor made of mirror glass, and when you step on it is said to feel like you are stepping into space beckoning a 'leap of faith'.
- Ancient Standing Stone circles

We will stay in a lodge near the beach, sleeping 8 people. It overlooks the Isle of Arran, who's mountain tops are called 'the Sleeping Warriors', and the 'Holy Isle', located to the South, which creates a perfect energy balance.
Near our lodge there is an ancient Standing Stone Circle in a small wood.

~Upstairs in our lodge is a large room to gather~

  • We will come to stillness in meditation and guided visualization that will include the sacred vortexes on the Island, to allow for guidance into our inner sanctum
  •  Sensitively guided body awareness movement will help us to dialogue with our body for deeper clarification and natural trust
  • Journal writing in words and art expressions will open the door to the poems within
  • We will share our daily adventure from a depth of trust and joy
  • Elaine's partner Graeme is an Orb photographer, maybe he has some important things to share with us....

We will cook our own breakfast.
Lunch and dinners can be taken at Kingarth Hotel, or Ettrick Bay Tearoom, not far from our digs.
Or we will cook for each other....and Elaine is inviting us to her house to have a meal and meet her friends.
Jessica, one of here friends I understand is building an ancient village, with hand made tools and the help of children. Susan is a crystal energy healer and therapeutic massage therapist ! Ahhhhh

My intention is to undertake a Sacred Journey, inspired by the island's rich history and esoteric energy, with mandala building in and with nature, have great food outings, walk at the beach and in the woods......

I will be renting a van for transportation and Sandra, a safe and great driver, has agreed to drive us on the left side of the road !

We will be booking flights to Glasgow from Newark or Philly. In order to arrive at the same time it would be best to book flights on the same plane, and soon, to get a good fare.
Elaine will greet us at the airport and lead the way to the island ! What a generous soul !

The fee is $1450.- and includes overnight lodging for seven nights and the seminar with guided tours.
Not included are flights, ferry, meals, and van rental transportation.

If you are certain that you want to travel with us, a non-refundable deposit of $250.- is due by May 1st to save your place, and the balance of $1200.- by July 15th.There will be 8 travelers, and there are now TWO spaces left!

Here we go again ! My sixth trip with some of you !

Italy 2014: Your Body, Art and a Medieval Village with Ute Arnold

Travel with us to Casperia, near Rome, an ancient hilltop village with views of olive groves, vineyards, and forst covered mountains. Surrounded by a medieval wall, its winding streets are inaccessible to cars and help you "remember" bygone times in which traditions and customs are still preserved and celebrateed. 

You will be staying in 13th-century beautifully restored buildings, or a palazzo, and have your cappuccino or spaghetti puttanesca with heightened awareness or your newfound taste buds! Local wines, olive oil, fabulous pizza and deliciously stuffed ravioli await you. 

The Seminar

Your body, art & the medieval village will invite you to release your inner artist. With enlivened awareness, you will be able to respond artfully to the real and perceived challenges of your life. Ute will guide you to develop a way of expansive witnessing that in turn will inform you of life's exciting and new possibilities.


Ireland 2013: Sacred Songs and Sacred Sites Workshop with Ute Arnold and Candace Freeland