Private Sessions

UNERGI Body-Psychotherapy creates Emotional & Sensory Intelligence. Unergi Private Sessions simultaneously combine touch, talk & movement. 

Alexander Technique
The UNERGI Practitioner's caring, skilled, and gentle touch-faciliated by the Alexander technique- evokes an awareness of the indestructible innate healing wisdom of the person.

UNERGI Core-Support Movements stimulate cellular memories and invite them into the present moment for exploration and expression. Physical and emotional balance and well being are re-established, as old habitual patterns of response fall away and are transformed. 

Gestalt Therapy creates and amplifies the dialogue between body, mind and emotions. New choices and options for change rise naturally. 

In a UNERGI Session...

The kinds of themes that may surface are...

  • emotional and physical burnout
  • chronic pain
  • physical/emotional or sexual abuse recovery (reprogramming abusive touch)
  • relationships and trust
  • self confidence and abundance
  • inner-child issues
  • creativity and spirituality

Unergi Private Sessions on Location and on Skype with Ute Arnold

For an appointment, please call 215-297-8006 or email Ute Arnold.

Skype Phone Sessions with Ute