A Sample of Previous Workshops:

Empowering the Caregiver

Anyone who has taken the responsibility for another human being is challenged to find, or make time, for caring for the self.

Ongoing demands of caring and caretaking create responses of worry and anxiety, until habitual patterns of contractions or pain in the body have become deeply entrenched. Mind and body are on constant alert and have lost neurological pathways to natural relaxation and well being.

In this creative one day workshop Ute Arnold will introduce you to Unergi (unity and energy) her Holistic Therapy modality that includes healing touch, body dialogue, and psychophysical micro-movement to restore and guide your sensing, thinking, and responding into harmonious balance again.

Hope, possibilities, and trust in the amazing human organism, and the HEALING FORCES OF NATURE, may be the next step for a parent who lives most often in overwhelm , and wants to find a way to expand time in the smallest moments of SELF-CARE to in turn become an effective caretaker.

Join us to find out how to build a road map to release what has been hidden in your HEALING CORE-SELF! 


Get into the FLOW of your creativity with brilliant French textile dyes !

As your brush lightly touches the silk, a beautiful creation will magically appear that will utterly surprise and delight you !

You have heard the expression: "Every One is an Artist"! And it is nowhere more true than when you watch the silk fabric absorb the color with lightening speed, and all you have to do is get out of the way and "LET it happen"...a wall hanging, a scarf, a pillow cover, a special silk gift card with your message or poetry written on it .....? Dribbled with salt or alcohol to achieve special effects !




NATURE is the most unconditional creative healing presence. We will immerse ourselves in NATURE's HEALING FORCES and rediscover our hidden intuitive power residing in our body-brain subconscious.

This workshop is for anyone who:
- is dealing with stress overload
- is confronting physical or emotional challenges
- has an important decision to make
- experiences creative blocks (writers, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.)

Through playful exercises that will stimulate the immune system and also our im-mense imagination, the body-brain connection awakens. You will surprise yourself with what has been deeply buried inside and wants to introduce itself to YOU!

Using a variety of
- creative materials
- body-mind imagery
- psychophysical movement
combining them with resources found in NATURE, and the 'global village game', we will find the neurological connections that create deeply satisfying AHAs ...all to com-pose your life!

M O N E R G Y: Money & Energy

The MONERGY workshop shifts your perceptions about money and creates abundance. Seeing and experiencing Money as a form of Energy, “MONERGY” will provide an “AHA” as to how and where it gets “stuck”. Body-Psychotherapist Ute Arnold will guide you in some outrageous money/energy games – both serious and hilarious – to release the flow of your wealth!! We will explore with the following:

• Identifying family patterns and belief systems about money
• Building a container for true prosperity
• Crossing the “metaphysical bridge” from lack to abundance
• Retraining the body / mind / movement connection to translate “less is more” into physical self-expression
• “It's Mine” games for holding on and letting go
• Writing money limericks to reprogram and free habitual brain responses
• Demystifying competition and participating in magical sharing
experiments beyond the classroom
• Sensing, and appreciating the abundance in nature with reverence and awe 

Building a Compassionate Learning Community

Our demanding times economically, socially, and ecologically are calling forth the best in us. This workshop is designed to awaken you to the “good news”:  Our growing self-awareness brings us into the present where our body, mind, and feelings function most creatively and supportively. 

We will explore together how to re-direct the habituated “job-description” of our belief systems and bridge those gaps between thinking, feeling, moving, and seeing that have kept us confused and stuck. 

Ute will guide you to embrace a much larger picture of yourself. We invite you to join with us in a provocative and healing adventure, which participants find creates rippling effects in their relationships and in their communities. 

“So what did I learn from the weekend? Nothing, and yet everything. I didn't get answers there; the community we created helped me to listen more carefully and trust more completely in the answers that were already with me. If pressed to evaluate the weekend, I would ask a simple question. Would I do it again? I would and we are. We have already made plans to attend the next retreat. I just wish it were sooner” … Sharon, workshop participant