Unergi Testimonials


Between 1990 and 1991 I took an incredible training with Ute Arnold. It was called Holistic Therapy, the forerunner of her 3-year Unergi Body Psychotherapy program. It was one of the most life-changing experiences of my life. A combination of Gestalt Psychotherapy, art, dance, music, nature, journaling and special exercises pushed me through my self-created barriers into a wonderful heart opening: I was able to express my love and allow in the love that was offered to me. I would recommend the Unergi training to anyone who is ready to change their life

Bio – Ivan is a “mature” man who has learned how to play and enjoy life. He has been married to a wonderful woman for 14 years. He has had a career as a registered nurse, and currently works part-time as a nursing instructor.


I have been using my Early Childhood degree from Loch Haven state College for thirty years, teaching mostly first graders. I have just chosen to re-inspire myself and everyone that I touch in my retirement. I am flowing gently with the creek behind my house, open as I listen for my new adventure.

Seventeen years ago I returned from a glorious year long sabbatical traveling around the world by myself. I saw such incredible beauty each day. When I returned to teaching I was still searching for beauty outside of myself. I was struck by Ute Arnold 's picture with the straw hat in the Creating Community Magazine and was drawn to make a connection with her. We are soul sisters. Through our co creation in Unergi and friendship I found my own inside beauty. Using creative strategies I found talents that as a child, I was told that I did not have. Yet, I guided first graders in knowing that they could achieve everything. In a year long Self-Healing Journey with Ute and her teachers, I remembered the shining child by painting, sharing listening, dancing and movement, writing and poetry and loving guidance.


I consider myself a citizen of the world, having been born in England, grown up in Canada and having spent my adult life moving around the world. My life has given me so many opportunities to experience and appreciate other cultures and widen my perspective of the essence of life. Along the way I have gained a supportive multitasking husband, two wonderful children, a fabulous grandson who is three years old. My family continues to be the most important aspect of my life.

What am I doing now?
I am a full time connector!! My passion is my volunteering activities. I mentor two teenage mums and appreciate constantly their struggles to be themselves while they tend to their daughters and school work. I teach Spanish (although I don't speak fluent Spanish) to librarians so they can relate to their customers. I lead several committees hoping to make the activities satisfying and encouraging contacts between the members of my committees while they work together. In between I bring all my training and experience to the task of creating a ripple of peace and joy wherever I go.

How does Unergi influence my personal and professional life?
Thanks to Unergi, I have been able to get out of the way of my own story. Ute has helped me break down the walls that I had built around myself as protection and realize that the walls kept others out and trapped me inside. I bask in the joy that being able to reach out and connect to others has brought to my life. And not just people – the sunshine, trees, squirrels – everything!!! She has encouraged me to use “my ridiculous courage”, the title of one of my sessions during the Unergi training, to explore everything that life has to offer. I start every morning wondering what joy today will bring!! I know that I am part of the connected Universe and not just the tiny soul that was stuck behind bars.


I have only known Ute for about a year and a half, and in that short time she has helped me create many positive changes in my life that seemed near impossible when I first met her. When I first met with her I had never heard of Unergi, but after three years of a violently cyclic relationship (and others before that) I was willing to try anything.  At that time, I had already been to a gestalt therapist, tried meditation, Reiki training, a vision quest, long periods of isolated "soul searching", and attempted psychohypnosis before I was led to Ute.

I had spent so many years trying to "erase" the undesirable parts of me, offering up a "forgive and forget" chant to anyone who had hurt me, but somehow I always came back to the same "baggage" or the same lesson wearing a different hat. It wasn't until I started doing Unergi work with Ute that I began to feel my habits shift, and I became empowered from knowing that I could retrain the habits that weren't serving me and ultimately rewrite my past. By learning to embrace the parts of me that I had been resisting and trying to eliminate, I moved into a present space that didn't erase my past, but no longer allowed it to control me.  
Unergi continues to provide the self-healing space that can sometimes get left out in my busy day-to-day grind.  It is wonderful to have such a warm and loving person such as Ute to facilitate my self-healing journey. I was raised to do everything for myself and never ask for help from anyone; to always appear strong on the outside.  I am now realizing the great value (and relief!) of having someone outside of myself who can help me "see the forest for the trees" when I feel lost in the woods.  
There have been many things that happened in the course of my life that seem to have shaped who I am today, many of which happened when I was a helpless child.  I can never change what already happened, but I don't have to be the effect of those causes.  I can rewrite it because "it is never too late to become what we might have been" (George Elliot). 
The space Ute creates and the tools Unergi teaches can be described in so many ways, but for me it is: a safe haven; a maintenance plan for regular tune-ups; a reminder of what my soul has always known; and, a return to my true self, the person I was born to be and want to become. -- Melissa, Age 29


Unergi came into my life as I was approaching retirement. I had already had over ten years of psychotherapy and had made great progress in healing. But like many of us, I found it easier to do the intellectual work rather than the necessary emotional work. Something about lying vulnerable on a table being gently touched and moved allowed me to access my feelings more easily. This of course lead to deeper healing, and I frequently felt lighter when I left the office. Now some six years later, I am happy to say that in my golden years I am enjoying many hours of peace and contentment as I continue my journey toward wholeness.


I wholeheartedly invite you to discover yourself in Unergi.I was born in Switzerland, I have a Swiss father and an American mother. I moved to the United States when I came over for college and now have lived in this country for the past 16 years. I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker and I work as a psychotherapist with children, adolescents, families, couples and adults in a small group private practice in Summit, New Jersey . I have chosen to live in this country rather than in Europe partly because it is a land that allows me to freely explore a more alternative, holistic life style. Here I can discover place likes the Unergi School and find a way to integrate this cutting edge knowledge in my practice as a psychotherapist. With my 3 year program at the Unergi School, I can't say enough about how Unergi has and is still changing my life. It has deeply affected my relationship with myself, my husband and our daughter while it has changed how I work with my clients. Unergi has been about a profoundly loving spiritual journey for me. Subtle but so powerful, Unergi could change the world....