Unergi Workshop Samples

Laws of Attraction

     We invite you to explore how we can learn to want what we have, instead of wanting what we want.
      It seems to me that only when we can surrender to and embrace that what “is”, will our energy field be expansive enough to attract our momentary human desires.
     With Unergi Touchback, talk, nature and art, we will explore how to move – physically, emotionally and spiritually – into a lightness of being, which can release us from “cosmic laws” of difficult repetitive ancestral patterns.
     By celebrating what, how and who we are NOW we begin to manifest what we want the most – to know how to love.

Learning to Unlearn

      Our traditional education has taught us to learn by thinking... In this workshop we will learn how to let sensing inform our thinking.
      Jan Baty – Alexander Teacher & Juilliard trained violinist – will guide us to explore the body's energy spirals inherent in bones and muscles.
      Through touch, talk, Unergi core-support movement, nature and art, we will let thought, feeling & action arise from our sensing self.
      By not adding other layers, we perceive and learn by undoing... and allow a connection between heart and brain... eventually moving us into a delicate lightness of being.
      Please bring a nature object that reminds you of a spiral!

Releasing the Need for Healing & Fixing

     Join us to let Unergi–Touchback lead you into your body's organic energy design. With the refined quality of Unergi touch awareness, we bypass, yet simultaneously honor, layers of habitual physical and psychological defense mechanisms.
      We meet in the energy feedback loop of unconditional presence.
      Student and client alike release the need for healing & fixing. Instead we learn to acknowledge the Core-Intelligence for our vast internal/external support systems.
      To prepare the student's receptive field, we will initiate a “dance of gravity” with an art & nature touch dialogue, using Unergi Core-Support Movements, the Alexander Technique and Gestalt Therapy.

Bridging the LARGE & small Self-Divide

     As we fall in love with the search for our larger potential, we most often leave younger aspects of self behind. Since this earlier self needs to be included in the journey to Wholeness, it often creates its own voices by making itself felt and heard through physical and emotional pain, therefore sabotaging our efforts for a harmonious life.
      Using touch, talk, movement, art, nature & play, Unergi (Unity & Energy) gently and powerfully reunites the present adult and the abandoned child self by attending, with reverence, to the whole physical, emotional and spiritual Self-Healing Journey.

“Grace of Gravity”

      We will explore how our body's physical landscape inscribes itself in space.
      As we receive sensory and emotional feedback by “donating our weight to gravity”, we will learn how to take advantage of being cradled by the Earth itself – and fall gently into grace.
      Join us for this extraordinary adventure in which matter and spirit are experienced as one. Physicists call this “Non-Locality”.

What if it were SIMPLE to Return “ Home ”
Let your core intelligence teach you
      How could we simplify accessing our body-brain-heart wisdom? With Unergi “Touchback”, talk, movement, art and nature, we will safely guide you during this weekend's retreat.
      Surrounded by stunning architecture and a bird's eye view of the Delaware River , we will rely on our sensory intelligence to take us home to our core.

Emotional Intelligence: Rewiring the Body-Emotion Connection

      Brain-mind scientists agree that the amygdala – an almond-shaped area in our brain – triggers our fear and fight/flight responses. It calls attention to any potential threats we perceive in our relationships, or our world.
      In this workshop we will create a safe and provocatively creative environment to help your body/mind/heart re-route neural pathways in the brain and choose new, alternative and intelligent emotional and physical ways of being.
      Unergi Touchback, a gentle hands-on technique, combining touch, talk, movement, creativity and nature, will rewire your brain's responses and guide you to a harmonious balance between body, mind emotions and the authentic desires of your heart and spirit.
      Come join us and bring an extraordinary YOU!! out of hiding.

The Re-education of Relationships: Voices of profound communication

      Revealing the grace of our core-support leads us to trusting in the relationship of our body, our significant others and our world.
      Our sensory responses and therefore emotional intelligence resides in this core support.
      In this workshop, we will sensitively build the core relationship that our “being muscles” offer which ingeniously wrap themselves around the spine!
      We are spineless (frozen in fear and fight / flight response) when we don't know how to sense this primary organization of essential spine support. Transform your relationships and expand your world view with your core-support wisdom.
      Become “Spine-full”!

Calming the Reptilian Brain

Accessing the feminine in the healing arts
      The modern age has shrunk our souls into the industrial box. War impulse has shrunk the masculine soul.
      This workshop invites our creative feminine wisdom, and releases our masculine soul from habitual, reactive fight/flight survival behavior.
      We will explore the true art of body-mind-emotion conversation, which speaks into the silence of the heart.
      Touch/Alexander Technique, Talk/Gestalt Therapy, Unergi Movement, Painting/Art Therapy, and the healing forces of Nature will call us back to our powerful organic self.

Habit – Possibility – Choice and Unergi Body-Psychotherapy

      Would you like to start 2007 with the “know how” to make new choices in your life?
      By accessing your integrated body-mind-emotions web, you will learn to follow the guidance of your “Wise One”.
      Expand your receptive field by gently kissing your “Sacred History” good-bye (also called “stuff”, interferences, resistance, sabotaging self) – and become friendly with your “Unergi” (unity and energy) Core Support. Emerge with an expanded vision and body of you and your world!
      Enjoy this special retreat weekend high above the Delaware River – a space filled with artwork from all over the world.

Healing the Past – Present Paradox

      Do past experiences (good or bad) still influence your life today? Do they support or sabotage you?
      This workshop will give you a "toolbox" that will help you to re-script past events, and gift you with your own immense creative choices still lying dormant in your subconscious.
      Ute Arnold and her Unergi school teachers will show you how to release habitual responses to "critical voices, physical contractions, fight or flight memories of abuse or neglect" stored in the cellular body memory.
      Unergi Body-Psychotherapy combines touch - Alexander Technique; movement - Feldenkrais; talk - Gestalt Therapy; creative expression; Art Therapy and the Healing Forces of Nature.

Body and Stone – Sculpture with Unergi Touchback

      This workshop will include a field trip to Grounds for Sculpture (near Trenton, NJ) to explore the topography of stone, wood and self. Unergi Touchback will facilitate a relationship blending creative, emotional and physical aspects with our Expansive Self.
      Hands that learn to listen and shape will help us to understand that all life is movable energy and that new energy patterns create new forms.
      We will work with layers of our emotions as our touch amplifies metaphors and connections to ageless stone, shape and motion.

Renew your Passion for the Art of Caring with a Unergi Self-Care Toolbox

      All of us are in some way or another, helpers to others.
      Unergi can guide us into a harmonious inter-active balance between body, psyche and spirit so that we are able to depend on expansive skills as communicators and effective caregivers.
      Become a role model for patience, calmness and self-assurance to create an atmosphere of safety and trust with patients and loved ones.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the ‘root cause' i.e. “the exceptionally good child” of why you chose a helping profession
  • Expand your self-supportive choices beyond the ‘helper syndrome's' habitual survival mechanism
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout
  • Use the tools of dialogue, touch, movement, art making and nature to create your own Unergi Self-Care Toolbox.

Dreams & Cellular Memory with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy

      Dreamscapes reveal our beliefs, fears, joys and desires. It is said that “an unexamined dream is an unexamined life”. In this workshop we will access your dream messages ingeniously stored in the cellular body memory. Your body will become a natural storyteller with Unergi Body – Psychotherapy, which simultaneously uses healing touch, talk and movement. Your night and day dreams contain gems of enlightenment.
      When you learn how to listen and amplify your body's voices with the Feldenkrais© Method, you will redirect your emotional and physical pain while clearing the pathways to purposeful choices and deeper personal connections. Your immense creative spiritual self may dare you to play!

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to interpret metaphors with body language and Gestalt dialogue
  • Access intuitive brain memories stored in body cells to recover metaphoric dream messages with Alexander Technique touch
  • Learn to sense that your body can be the pathway to your spiritual self

Meet Your Leprechaun! with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy

      One of the important components in our Unergi Body-Psychotherapy studies, is to “call in” the Healing Forces of Nature. We learn how to awaken our profound desire to commune directly with a nature being.
      With your intuition (often still deeply buried) you will be able to discover the splendor of their subtle forms and attract the appropriate nature spirit.
      Intention and sincerity will connect us with the overlighting “deva” energy of a mountain, valley, or river – or a tiny “elemental” involved with the evolution of a flower – maybe a mighty tree spirit will share its wisdom – or animal beings will awaken our innate curiosity.
      We invite you to play with the leprechauns (Irish for Nature Spirit) of love and laughter, who may guide you to a deeper contact with your own healing “body elemental”.

Creating a Healthy Body, Healthy World: Art-full Choices and Ridiculous Courage

      Inter-personal relationships and the demands of society and nature are now forcing us to take a closer look at what works and what doesn't.
      The good news is that our body/mind/emotions hold the truth and treasures for creative responses. To create more ease, flow, and answers that work, it is essential that we set our creativity free!
      Meet the core of your immense creative self on cellular levels and with ridiculous courage, jump into surprise! This is where true health and healing reside – not only for yourself, but for the entire planet.

How Does Language Shape our Bodies?

      We express our belief systems in feelings, words and movement. How, in turn, do they shape our bodies and the world around us?
      We will examine our emotional, physical and metaphysical responses to words and sounds, while learning how we can become response-able to the subconscious metaphoric messages.
      Discover how your Body-Language can guide you into a healthy and balanced body-mind-emotion-spirit connection. As we clear the pathways to potential and purpose, we may find out how our immense creative, spiritual self dares us to Play!

The Response – Ability of Touch with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy “Touchback”
      This workshop's intention is to bring awareness to and reprogram the American touch phobia so prevalent today. By learning how to speak clearly and directly with our hands through non-verbal communication, we will re-establish a body-mind-emotion connection that may have been severed by abuse, neglect, confusion or mistrust.
      The focus is placed on receiving while giving non-sexual, appropriate, gentle, healing touch. This will establish non-hierarchical healthy boundaries and trust, and resolve multi-layered projection issues. Learn to enjoy the deeply healing qualities of Unergi ‘Touchback' and become a ‘Touchback' volunteer.

Exploring the Invisible World of the “Resting Seed”

      The rhythm of winter suggests a final harvest. What is buried – safely cocooned in you and beckons to awaken to a soft conscious awareness?
      We invite you to play with your perceptions of invisible “Chakra” energy fields. Explore the gaps between thinking, feeling and seeing. Enter a repose of deep sensing and imagining. The world of the “Resting Seed” awaits you.

Personal & Planetary Visions of Your Future

Tap into your body's voices of wisdom!

  • Challenge the unwelcome and redundant voices of your personal and planetary relationships
  • Learn to see, intuit, touch, sense and move your past into present experiences, pregnant with creativity and practical choices
  • Confront your outmoded belief systems and embrace a much larger picture of yourself and the planet we live on
  • Integrate your night and day dreams into a powerful physical reality. Play with us!

MONERGY: Money & Energy

      A Workshop to shift your perceptions about money and create abundance!
      Seeing and experiencing MONEY as a form of energy, “MONERGY” will give us a clue as to how and where it gets “stuck”.
      Ute and her staff will guide you in some outrageous money games – both serious and hilarious!

  • Identifying family patterns and belief systems about money
  • Building a container for True Prosperity
  • Crossing the “metaphysical bridge” from Lack to Abundance
  • Retraining the Body / Mind / Movement Connection to translate “less is more” into physical self-expression
  • “It's Mine” games for holding on and letting go
  • Writing money limericks to reprogram and free habitual brain responses
  • Demystifying competition and participating in magical sharing experiments beyond the classroom
  • Sensing, and appreciating the abundance in nature with reverence and awe

Channeling Sacred Body Voices: Remapping the Body with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy

      In this weekend workshop, we will amplify and restore chosen mystery sites and the wisdom of the ancients in the cellular memory of our body. Through artwork, psycho-physical movement, experiential anatomy, intentional healing touch, or sounding, we will discover that we can contact new levels of awareness with which to enrich our everyday life.
      Guided visualization includes mapping our body with sacred places and mingling with ancestors, animals, plants, rock and rivers through dream vision time. Participants are guided to discover freedom from habitual ways of being that no longer serve, to a wealth of possibilities.