Unergi Training and Mentoring Program

Ongoing, Every other Friday, 11:00am - 2:00pm

Every other Friday Ute offers 3 hours of mentoring and training in Unergi Body-Psychotherapy. A small group of dedicated students gather at her Blue Bamboo Studio in Pt. Pleasant, Pa.

During the lectures, demonstrations, discussions and hands on experiences, we may focus on any one of these themes:

  • Health care professional as the wounded healer
  • Preventing emotional and physical burnout
  • Self-care / Centering in the workplace and at home 
  • Habitual Patterns with Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement®
  • Self-hypnosis / Guided Imagery
  • Body Dialogue with Gestalt Therapy 
  • Body Mapping - Body Mechanics with the Alexander Technique 
  • Unergi Core-Support Movements 
  • Boundaries - Transference / Counter transference
  • Reprogramming of touch abuse or neglect history
  • Mobilizing the IMMUNE SYSTEM 
  • Somatic Dream Analysis
  • Past Lives & Cellular Memory
  • Sacred Language of Touch
  • Grace of Gravity
  • Spiritual, Physical and/or Emotional Biography
  • Creative Exploration and art as therapy 
  • Nature as a Healing Partner

Please contact Ute for more information.