Findhorn Friday, 2nd one already !

We are now getting into the design phase of our projects, FINALLY, and I am so glad that the 3 people on my team have a lot of experience already, especially in cost least favorite part. I think we are coming up with some good stuff and that my contributions are valuable. Wish I had better art material though.

First presentation this afternoon.

One of my colleagues is writing his PhD theory on holistic ways of learning ! I have realized that I have already written one part of the bible on that, done all the research and so on when I created Unergi Holistic Therapy School for 3 year trainings, and then wrote my book ‘Touchback with Body, Art and Nature’ which is now a digital book with the new name ‘Stuck is Not a Place’. It will be interesting to pass on the findings if he wants to use them.

I will share this with the group next week, as well as my new  Global website, but have to find the tech support for slides etc. first.

Also realized, Findhorn teachers in our course teach us how to build Social Enterprises....I have built 3 so far, Unergi, Blue Bamboo, and Global and now am working on eco village.

Interesting that I have been involved in all that without knowing the terms, or that it was anything special....just doing what is next, and using my intuitive knowledge gathered over a life time and with very different training models, related to body, mind, feelings and sensing, art and nature, ....not business designs and Sociocracy as we are learning here.

So I am out of my comfort zone having to wrap my mind around all these new terms and designations, seems cumbersome,.....but is also a good thing for me to adjust more to the world at large....unfortunately in a lot of circles the latter would be deemed more ‘realistic’....never had much interest in these parts of human feeling is that they are often more removed from trust and intimate interactions.....which in the long, long, long run we have to return to anyway.

Hope that does not come across as superior, that is NOT my intention, simply stating the way I see it from my limited perspective, which I am trying my darnedest to open to a larger perspective, (which to me is more convoluted).

The Findhorn model of Sociocracy is different though from the the usual business model in that it includes the spiritual and social aspects as equal components.

That feels right and good.

So in 20minutes my lunchtime is up and we go back to present our first design aspect: Design ideas, Cost and Profit return ! Also part of the world of REALISM ? We have 5 minutes for our pitch !! Welcome to business procedures !

rather good recap by one of our students ! Adriana from Norway.

rather good recap by one of our students ! Adriana from Norway.

Below clue: picture that come closest to our housing design proposal....stay tuned 🤪