4th Thursday, Findhorn.....almost weekend ! Ahhhhh

The schedule has been intense, someone compared it to eco-village boot camp. That actually made me feel better, so I know I am not alone feeling the pressure to keep up... 

The teachers have assembled an amazing array of guest teachers and programs, nothing is left out, I have reems of google docs and am sharing only very few highlights.

So here is a personal carbon foot print map/mandala to raise my awareness and discover what could be improved. I wish for a Ground Source Heat Pump which uses water out of the ground to warm the house as well as create drinking water...cool ? My windows and doors are leaking, I drive a car to my grocery store etc. (don’t share the ride) and have no public transportation. My garden is too shady to grow food, and my energy sources are most likely not very sustainable, my studio is poorly insulated. Once a year I fly to Europe (plane trips are great pollutants). First thing I am going to save up for is the purchase of a Bullet Woodstove to replace my Pellet stove, though the latter is a pretty good choice as far as pollution is concerned, it is difficult for me to operate and needs a small amount of electricity to run, which does not help when we regularly loose electricity in storms for many days and I freeze and can’t cook on the stove. I could get a generator, eventually....more pollution ?


Entrance of a small one bedroom house (small enough that it falls under caravan regulations, it could be moved, so zoning is minimal). ....and it feels spacious with lots of wonderful natural light sources the way the windows bring in nature. Wonderful simplicity, and I can easily see myself living in such a building.


Entrance, mud and plant room.






Natural light over kitchen and livingroom


Livingroom, sleeper couch for guest


Bathroom shower


Long closet corridor with built- ins for tons of storage and bathroom entrance, with architect Graham from Australia 




With lots of natural light, .....deck with hot tub underneath !