3rd Tuesday at Findhorn

I feel I am on an upswing. Getting to know the ‘lay of the land’ in terms of community spirit culture a little better, and scaling down my expectations !

Have been talking to an archivist here who has been giving me a bit more insight into the Findhorn spiritual evolution.

Sounds like when Peter, Eileen and Dorothy all gave the reigns of the responsibility to the community in the late 70s a new wind started to blow. The community directed their view away from the subtle energy of the plant kingdoms to the human energy of business. Land was bought, much was sold, they lost some of their assets and transitioned to ‘people growing’ to shore up the money chests.

New energy people felt that  the contact with the ‘Subtle realm’ was no longer important and should not be emphasized any more. People who came had an experience week with each other and were no longer  introduced to the wisdom of the meta physical world....just had a good time with each other. Lots of fine workshops sprung up, people from all over the world came to teach. It became a workshop capital of the New Age.

Now, it seems, another new wind is beginning to blow ! Last September Findhorn created a huge conference to re-enter the intention of re-connecting with the subtle worlds. I am still looking for the ripple effects as I continue my digging by interviewing various people who might give me further clues what difference that might make for the future of Findhorn..... as the former beloved and vastly admired place in the world that had such amazing beginnings.

It still puzzles me BIG TIME why there is so little evidence of these former teachings here at its birthplace ?

Tomorrow there will be a Full Moon Ceremony at the Nature Sanctuary which I am very much looking forward to.

Some magical things have happened to me in the last 2 days....more of that later...now back to the classroom to learn about Bioregional mapping and water treatment plants......

which was truly fascinating to my surprise.

I haven’t reported yet on our visit to a Permaculture Demonstration Farm 90 minute bus ride from here. It rained on the way and I was bus sick. But then clouds lifted and revealed a beautiful landscape and we were invited to warm up around the fire with tea and biscuits by our Permaculture farm hosts, James and Rosa.

What an undertaking !!! 8 acres, 14 hours a day ! They have been at it since 2015, building a CSA (community supported agriculture) in a Scottish often wet (except for this year) climate. (photos below).

I thoroughly enjoyed the large sweep of the clouds hugging meadows, innumerable sheep, hills (with old Roman ruins and castles), and standing stones from ancient cultures apparently all over the place.

On the way home we also stopped at the Glenfiddich Whisky distillery and some of my fellow students had some samplings, (we saw many distilleries on the way, but only stopped at this one !!).

We made another delightful stop to visit a Hobbit house that was being built, and for 20 minutes had the pleasure to participate by sanding beams.

During the following night I just could not sleep (which happens for me here frequently, also in years before, the energy keeps me alert,...not a bad thing),

anyway, I was wondering again about the possible metaphysical contact with the nature world of the young farmers....and since I also had to do the recap of this trip for the group the next morning, all kinds of speeches for the importance of learning wisdoms and guidance from the nature kingdoms were swirling through my head. How much would I dare to say, it seemed almost like heresy to broach the subject and speak up on behalf of the Devas. I was anxious and conflicted about what to say and what to omit ....so I asked my apple tree on the other side of the window to help me. I opened my eyes and the branches and few left leaves were dancing as shadows on the wall, all were shaking with energy, for just a little moment, and then all was completely still and I did not see it again no matter how often I opened my eyes (my skeptical side is always looking for satisfaction, darn !)

The next morning I woke up and just on the edge of a dream state a BIG golden yellow apple (about 3 fists big) appeared in my vision.

With this support I decided to pose the relationship and contact question between man and nature at the end of my recap.

the farmhouse


warming up at the fire


Permaculture Farmer James


and Rosa


view from their land


much needed sauna after a long work day !


at the edge of the kitchen garden


goats for milk and cheese


Glenfiddich Whiskey distillery


Hobbit house


indoor roof


Indoor hobbit house


future hobbit house kitchen


the sky in the living room