Findhorn, still Friday night

We finally have a moment to’s been SO stacked with info.

Now that we are actually designing it’s becoming more engaging for me. The course is still excellent, and so are the teachers, and though the course is varied with a few attempts to bring the body and humor and games in to it, it’s still designed for left brain thinkers and the history of traditional training styles that it is based on...I finally figured this out big time and wrote about my own learning style and preference to the teachers. I am a right brain learner with strength in kinestetic and visual learning. Don’t know how much of a difference it will make because they are VERY product oriented and most likely have to answer to higher authorities and their own degree’s all about measuring after all in this society, even in Findhorn!
I am reminded of Moshe Feldenkrais, designer of Functuonal integration between brain and body, who said ‘the brain only likes to learn through pleasure’, and one of my pleasures and need for learning well is to have time to be out in nature, and be in quiet time to integrate all that I am learning.
But I am learning interesting facts too for which I have a ton of information to refer to in the end, much of which I can’t retain anyway, so there will be lists and lists to refer to. Maybe they will come in handy some day (in any case they might make me feel more confident in my own ways of doing things).
The guest teachers are often very stimulating, and it is interesting to see who resides here. Otherwise I don’t have any time hardly to interact with community members, which is a shame and I miss it.
It think it might be fun to come back and do just that and tour Scotland a bit.
I am still trying to get an overall picture who comes and stays for what reason. And even though it may be varied and reflect as many reasons as there are people, there still might be an overall theme and different categories that emerge and even merge.
I also would like to interview artists and wellness providers. They do not have a wellness center, one would have to go to the next town. That really surprised me, and also no provisions are made for eldering !!! Or financially limited budgets.
To get in here you’ll have to have a stable income, or live on the poverty line and do very menial jobs. Salaries are very low, and people keep having to move to different accommodations depending of the present need. I think they try to see that as service to the whole.
There are different versions of living here in terms of income, some people have bought and built their own homes, fancy homes,  and pay for meals if they want them... I am trying to figure out the various life style systems. Though I can’t help thinking that some of them might create some divisions and resentments ? It’s a community living together after all. On the other hand there will always be have and have nots, and it may be VERY difficult to create equal share and care while operating in a free society and function well, or harmonious.

I was asked to accomponay some friends to the local pub, a walk through the dunes in darkness to taste different excellent Whiskys, which might have been fun, but my chest cold has still not moved on, and alcohol does not attract me too much. So being in my cozy room with a cup of hot tea is my distinct pleasure right now. Drum sounds drift over from the disco dancing, which I am also declining...all is good in Findhorn tonight.


George from New York decorating our tables tonight

George from New York decorating our tables tonight


One of the residents who is starting a six months ‘Leap Year‘


Dinner tonight, daal, garbanzo bean stew, apricot stew, cauliflower, roasted pumpkins, zucchini, youghurt with nuts, desert:raspberry compot and chocolate mousse