Findhorn Tree, Subtle Energy Realm with Michael Lindfield


Today we were in the company of Michael Lindfield, a long time teacher at Findhorn.

After spending the morning listening to his wisdom we played this GAME:

Two people played asking these questions over and over :

What called you here ?.....So that ?

My combined answer is ‘I have to own my purpose while being witnessed’

Then we went into the Findhorn gardens to communicate with a tree. Here is my story and experience based on Michael’s lecture.

What called me to this tree ?

I was called to dance around the tree, maybe to design a Mandala with the tree. Like Earth and Venus dance around the Sun, maybe the tree and I became one of the spiraling lines in the Mandala of the Grand Design.

I began by walking around the tree to announce my energy and ask for permission to enter a closer energy field.

In my observations I acknowledged the tree branching out into 5 directions, embracing sun, moon, stars, earth and sky, as wind and rain enter the serious play of growing in and on the earth. I intuited a kinship knowing that my intentions were connecting my human essence like a sacral fractal with the ONE.

I began to move my arms, hands, spine, head and feet to sense our intrinsic energies. I felt an invitation to step closer, to experience form, it’s density, shape and energy directions by using my hands to touch the tree and to receive being touched back simultaneously.

I can acknowledge that when I design for human needs I am designing a relationship structure that resolves not only practical questions, but designs from the Centrality that we are part of the web of the Universe, and I in this moment am part of the tree, ....together we are bridging our different energy fields.

In my best moment of designing I might choose to communicate with an inner universal blueprint that works with a limitless inner source. My true design might carry vibrations that achieve a frequency of balance and harmony between the combined resources of man and nature.

This means that man’s and nature’s needs to live sustainably and respectfully on this planet together are achievable.

I learned today that the secret to a good life and a good design is RESONANCE.

If I listen intuitively to the CALL my life shapes itself to that which seeks me naturally. Today I listened to the call of a tree.

Being part of the group design requires of me that I become more of myself within my and the group’s deep listening structure.

This sentence blew me away :

‘The end of the world is here when spiritual matter resonates at the same frequency’.


.........In the afternoon we were introduced to three women, long time residents in Findhorn.

They are going to be our clients each with a different project for us to design. I understand that we are to select one and then are going to spend the next two weeks on one of these projects.

We toured the sites this afternoon ! OH MY MY MY this is going to be huge !