AFTER THE FIRST FINDHORN WEEK.....Enjoying the day off !


I have a dear friend at home who at this time has not shown interest in being part of an eco village group, though I would really like her to be part of it....

NOW I understand her hesitancy. Yesterday was tedious and very exhausting dealing with what to me seemed like people’s own unfinished business that showed up in a group process. I don’t want to sign up for that unless I am clear that we are doing group therapy, and even for that I have no interest involving myself in this way any more at this stage of my life, been there done that.....unless I am in a facilitator role.

There are two elders in the group (though I am by far the oldest by 10 years). We had a moment of ‘huddle’ during tea break and I knew I was not alone. That felt good.

This morning was a lie-in, and then 5 of us walked for 25 minutes through the outer edges of the Findhorn foundation to the public Findhorn village. We had private time with each other and I could finally have my longed for cappuccino, plus a delicious pear tart, though without Schlag, in Britain they don’t have whipped cream to my chagrin, just what they call ‘double cream’ a liquid mess in my opinion !

The sharing at the table was insightful and we had a chance to get to know each other a bit more personally.

  • Ana from Brazil, living in Portugal at the moment and having taught as a Professor ‘Community Organizing’ at a University in Senegal, Africa, but is now ready to return to her large family property in Brazil to start an eco village and give back to her people.
  • Hans, a Permaculture teacher from Denmark who has private clients there and also teaches courses in Permaculture to large organizations.
  • Cynthia, who has been a Professor in Seattle, Washington in ‘Community Culture’. She has come to a crossroad in her life where the next step is wide open, she is searching to belong to an eco village, while also valuing her privacy (like me).
  • Lotte, is a Black Smith teaching this at a University in Copenhagen ! Have you ever,....can you imagine this being taught at an American University ??? She has lived for 20 years in the long time established community Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have visited there 3 times in the past, and have had a lot of questions about this place, which she has been expertly answering. She also has invited me to come and stay at her island home on Samso, East of  Copenhagen, lucky me !

Findhorn cafe...lots of good food

Findhorn cafe...lots of good food


Now starts disco dancing and at 6 is a wedding dinner....the couple got married in a cave on the beach and apparently a school of dolphins showed up “wanting to be part of it’”.

In the evening is a Ted talk at the Universal Hall by 4 key note speakers, streamed world wide, one of which, Martin, I just had lunch with today. He lives in New York State at a Waldorf community and will be speaking about ‘Subtle Energies‘ perfect is that !