Findhorn, Monday, second week

In 20minutes I have to be back for an evening sessions to learn about CAR SHARE, how 150people share 15 cars, HAPPILY !  

We have been working since 9 this morning, 2 hour break for lunch, which usually is filled with interesting am ready to drop again.

It’s been a good day, learning a lot from architect Graham Seltzer, from Australia, (he has been at Findhorn over 10years) who built his own eco friendly house in Pine Ridge, an area of the community I am designated to redesign with 4 other design students from my group. I am intending to coral him and ask him a ton of questions, you can be sure, before I put my design ideas on paper.....LOTS of questions !!!

Meanwhile here are some photos of agreements and proposals we have been working on....these are just a small list !!! (Looks like I need to take better photos next time and also learn more about editing, .....stay patient...lots of patience needed from me as well ! I’ll do better next time !)

i will eventually share Graham’s extremely interesting slide show of good eco houses all over the world.