Findhorn, 2nd day and more ‘games’.

I have decided to mostly write down the games we play.  They are really significant teaching tools ! And though I am learning much in new ways, and revisiting what I have learned over the years about social, economic and ecological models, what works and what doesn’t and why, the games make it clear for me of what is important and how to ‘sense’ that, which is probably my own greatest strength, I intuit what works most easily. 

My biggest challenge for me is probably how to engage people and bring them on board, so they will champion a great idea, from dream... to resolution.

GAME: 3 or 4 people have been given a huge amount of money. Question: What do you want to create, the sky is the limit. Our little group decides that we want to create a festival, or design a recreation facility for body and the arts in nature........Next: the huge amount of money has been withdrawn at the last minute, we are given 100 British pounds ! Our decision is to bring in 7 year old children and let them create a festival !

Game: not so much a game, but because we do it in a group of 4 it feels like a game.  We are given a number of categories and have to place them in the order of importance : Value, skill training, design, project management, fun, purpose, communication & facilitation, governance & decision making.....What would be your order of priorities ?......our little group places them in a circle since all influence each other and it depends on the situation. Maybe a lazy way out ? Though I don’t think so.

......and there was SO MUCH MORE !!  I need to let all the learning material sink in and have my subconscious take over...haven’t even mentioned the amazing people I have met today who are doing the most exciting projects in different areas of our globe ! So now I leave you with a quote I heard today, which I love:

People don’t buy what you do, the buy why you do it.