About Ute

Ute Arnold - founder, director and teacher of the non- profit Unergi School of Body-Psychotherapy developed the Unergi Method by integrating touch/Alexander Technique, talk/Gestalt Therapy, Unergi core support/movement, creativity and the Healing Forces of Nature. She is a visual artist, holistic body psychotherapist and author of: "Stuck Is Not A Place with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy: A Self-Healing Journey with Body, Art & Nature."

She has a private practice in Pt. Pleasant, PA, Mt. Airy in Philadelphia and Lambertville, New Jersey. As an Alexander teacher and Gestalt therapist, she also holds degrees in Art and Design from Schaeffer School of Design, San Francisco and Chelsea School of Art, London. She has been leading workshops and trainings since 1978, for centers in Scandinavia, France, Greece, Canada and the United States.



Where but in the center

of a quiet storm

so soft and equally strong

remembered only once

in the glistening of the smallest drop of rain

I hang tenaciously on that one bow

and bend like flowers in the wind

with grace and wonder of the earth's gift

of you

your love enfolded by kindness