Mobilizing Our Planet’s Immune System and Yours

The 'People with Wings' journey is designed to guide you toward understanding the essence of your personal humanity in relation to others and the surrounding natural world. By learning self-love, it is easier to receive love. When love is in balance, giving back to our planet becomes rewarding and helps you evolve into an engaged citizen of the world. As a planetary traveler in this Global Self-Healing Village, you will experience growth and surprise on your journey of self-healing.

Registration & Tuition

Register at any time for your 5-month journey. After registration, we will link you with a Buddy, notify you of the upcoming starting date, and send all the information you need to begin your journey. If you would prefer to partner with a Buddy that you referred, please indicate who you selected on your registration form. You may participate in as many 5-month modules as you like, connecting and playing with more people, and discovering more ease and joy in your life.


People with Wings launches a new module every three months on the first of the month.


Tuition is payable through paypal - $175.

Free for you if you register a buddy!

Split the cost and save together, or offer the journey as a gift.


Sign up for the People with Wings Self-Healing Journey

People with Wings Payment Options

Your tuition benefits Unergi Holistic Therapy,
a non-profit organization dedicated to self-healing.

Individual Phone Sessions

If you need additional support, Ute Arnold is available for $165.00 per hour. This provides an opportunity to clarify issues that might arise as a result of your in-depth explorations.

Refund Policy

If you feel this journey is not for you within the first month of your module, our policy is to refund your tuition fee minus a $50.00 processing fee.