The Journey

What happens on the UNERGI Self-Healing Journey?

The body speaks its mind and guides us to spirits through
UNERGI - Unity & Energy.

You'll explore:

Body Talk
Give your body intelligence a chance to tell you your truth. Learn how to reveal and honor you and your 'body story'.

Their Power to Heal! You will learn how to listen to the voices just below your ordinary reality and induce body therapy dreams, etc.

Monergy - Money-Energy & Self-Worth
How does it relate to your body, mind and emotions? You will discover your habitual beliefs about money and self-value and learn how to transform them. (Your ideal job may become the next step.)

Re-Programming Touch History
For touch deprived, physically or sexually abused people who want to learn to feel safe through non-intrusive nurturing and supportive touch. (Also exercises for couples!)

Preventing Emotional and Physical Burnout
Your Unergi self-care will teach you when to say no and when to say yes, establishing healthy boundaries in the work place and at home. For example: Health care professionals, or others, as 'wounded healers' will rediscover their love for caring while honoring their self care.

Nature as a Healing Partner
You will learn how to listen to and amplify the voices of the natural world, (sensing elementals & nature spirits), and how we can co-create physical and spiritual support to heal each other.

UNERGI Core-Support Movements & Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement
You will rebuild your neurological pathways between mind and body to re-awaken the body/brain's memory field, while balancing your emotional responses, amplifying body-talk!

Chakras - Major Body Energy Systems
Attunement to, energizing and balancing physical and spiritual realities via your body's seven major energy centers. Learn how to create a chakra link with a loved one, someone you need to detach from, or gain some clarity with, via a guided meditation by Ute. You can also practice this meditation with your Buddy.

Past Lives & Cellular Memory/The Psycho-Physical Experience
Past life memories still stored in your body affect the present. You will learn how you can draw on their power to teach you and influence your future.

Creative Expression
Explore with brush on paper, hands on clay, dance, poetry, photography, videos or sound -- reveal what has been hidden to create your physical, emotional or spiritual biography, or paint a chakra-mandala. What emerges is always surprising!