Sharing and Confidentiality

People with Wings Blogging (beyond Facebook!)

We welcome you to share your discoveries on our Self-Healing Journey Blog. People around the world will be inspired to learn from your inner truth, enthusiasm, and passions, and will want to join our GLOBAL SELF-HEALING VILLAGE!

We hope to receive your stories, photos and videos of your creative UNERGI explorations for possible publication on our Blog. The Blog is a place where you can share your journey with others and create connections...
beyond Facebook!

Unergi Feedback

Body-Psychotherapist, artist and author Ute Arnold will select a number of students’ self-evaluation or resistance forms and provide feedback either in writing, by audio, or Skype. Feedback may be published on the UNERGI Blog so everyone can benefit.


Ute will check with each student whose self-evaluation (or resistance) form has been selected for Blog participation and respect confidentiality at the student’s request.

We ask that each Buddy-link is handled in the same confidential manner.