Written Unergi Manual / Unergi Student Examples

Ute's book, Touchback with Unergi Body-Psychotherapy: A Self-Healing Journey with Body, Art & Nature, can be used as an excellent manual to dive deeper into your journey.


A review by Jacqueline A. Carleton, PhD for the United States Body Psychotherapy "In Touch" Newsletter-Fall 2007:

In her Introduction, Candace Pert quotes the author: "The essence of my work is to communicate through words, touch and movement a memory of wholeness, of universal mind, or unlimited potential...We use the body, as a tool to inform the psyche of its forgotten storehouse of possibilities, ultimately leading us back to our inner authority and journey towards wholeness." Utilizing and deeply expanding her background in Gestalt, Feldenkrais and Alexander work as well as her spiritual practice, Ute Arnold's lavishly illustrated book is both personal narrative and training manual, including theoretical discussions, examples, and well-described exercises from her many years of practice.


"Physician burn-out is a well known phenomenon in the medical community in this age of managed care, shorter patient visits, and high malpractice insurance costs. We need self-care for the healthcare professional more than ever to help practitioners create the kind of psychological context in which they can deliver compassionate care."

"Unergi is a unique and refreshing way to approach "healing the wounded healer." Ute Arnold's book is a courageous, insightful and deeply needed description of how Body Psychotherapy can work to increase awareness of the importance of self-care in creating an environment that supports healing for both practitioner and patient."

Birgit Rakel, M.D.

Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine of Jefferson University Hospital

Co-editor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Older Adults


"With an artist's eye and a healer's touch, Ute Arnold brings the practice of Body-Psychotherapy alive in this beautiful book."

"For over three decades, Ute has calibrated her soul to the subtle vibrations of life that most of us miss as we hurry through our busy days. Using the tools found in this book, you can allow Ute to guide you to a place of calm awareness, so that you can experience the truth of your authentic self."

"It has been my experience that most of us need guides to help us grow into our true shape, to inhabit our integrity. I've been fortunate to be a student of Ute's, and I hope that this book will help many others reap the benefits of her explorations."

Elizabeth Mackenzie, M.A., Ph.D.

Lecturer; History of Sociology and Science, University of Pennsylvania

Co-editor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Older Adults




You can see photos and read examples of student responses during their time at Unergi Trainings and Self Healing Journeys in retreat centers throughout the United States and Europe. The book is also filled with more exercises you can try.


Ute’s CDs

Once you join the People with Wings Self-Healing Journey, you will have download access to two CDs written and recorded by Ute Arnold and beautifully illustrated by music therapist Shelly Snow.

Clearing Relationships: Chakra Meditation & Body Meditation
Gain insights and clarity of how to let go of conflicts and deepen your understanding in your relationships. Experience complete relaxation for healing with a Body Meditation.

Omega Garden Meditation & Water Calling Song Story
Play with your inner child guided by the nature spirits of the magical gardens at Omega, and listen to a fairy tale for children and adults.