Self-Healing Buddy

Buddy Link

After the start of this new and extraordinary journey, we will send you a Buddy-link, someone who is interested and excited to PLAY with you in this truthful search and discovery of the many hidden selves that can be redirected into self-healing. Connect deeply with someone who may live on the other side of the planet, or in your house, or neighborhood.


We will teach you and your Buddy about Creative Supervision.


Creative Supervision

You will learn deep, active, and compassionate listening skills. Listening creates deep healing without having to give advice.

You will learn how to ask the kinds of questions that will take you and your Buddy to unimagined inner resources.

Your Buddy-link will provide you with interactive feedback following creative feedback rules.

You will share your Self-Evaluation forms with each other. 

Solo Explorations

If you are more confident working by yourself, that is just fine! You may go through the course again a second or third time to explore with a Buddy.