Exercise: Allies & Role Models

An ally might be a grandparent or other relative, a neighbor, a pet, a tree, a teacher, a fairytale or mythological figure – someone who was unconditionally there for you. Or if you can’t find anyone, pick someone out from your life today and ‘send them back in time’. (Don’t select your significant other, or parent!)

Notice if your creative self wants to burst out as you are thinking/sensing this.

If it wants to withdraw instead (in fear of criticism, rejection, lack of self-worth, etc.), then do the exercises below with your non-dominant hand and pretend you are 3 or 6 years old, unafraid of what ends up on the page! Go to it with abandon! Only your feelings and senses count!

Find out what you remember about this ally, or create this relationship in your imagination. Send the person/entity back in time. Be as detailed as you can.

·      What has he/she/it meant to you? And how has this being shaped your life?
·      Who would you have been without them?
·      Who have you become because of their significant influence in your life?
·      Write a Haiku.
·      What would this ‘being’ say to your younger self and what would he/she/it say to you right now?
·      If you have a photo, place it by your bedside, if not, make a sketch of the essence of this ally, and look at it by feeling yourself into the energy you shared, and will always share!
·      Re-invent your story in your creative imagination if you didn’t have an ally.
Imagine, imagine… re-record your story.
·      Sense and explore the healing impact on your inner body, emotions, dreams, relationships with others…
·      Receive a letter from your ally (imagine and write!)
·      Write back a reply.