Findhorn Blog

It is 2 am, still in my home in Pt.Pleasant, Pa. on this early rainy morning, and 5 days before I go on my journey to Findhorn, a remote place in the North East of Scotland, on the Findhorn Bay.

For the last hour or so I have been immersing myself in Dorothy Macleans‘ book ‘Call of the Trees’, (when I can’t find sleep I always read something uplifting, which then seeps into my dreams).

Dorothy is one of the 3 founders of the Eco-Village ‘Findhorn’, (55 years old it is the oldest Eco-Village in the world at this time).

She received messages from the Devas, the spirits of plants, trees, landscape angels.....This profound contact was made in the 60s when 6 people, 3 adults and three children were living in a caravan on the beach in Findhorn, Scotland. The adults had lost their jobs managing a local hotel and were becoming destitute trying to support themselves.


The unforeseen contact with the spirit of the world of nature, while creating gardens in order to feed themselves, were the beginnings of an amazing story that has manifested in today 480 people living in Findhorn and Cluny Hill hotel (the same hotel where the three had been formerly employed).

1 thousand yearly visitors come to experience the Findhorn Eco-Village life !!

I will be one of those visitors again, this time for 5 weeks, to deepen the early experiences I had during my first visit in 1978, and again this past August, that have left me confounded and hungry for understanding the movements of my soul life, just simply that, ...and not so incidentally, my human life in relationship to the people around me.

The questions that won’t leave me alone: why, as one person, and part of many other humans, have I lost my deeper organic design, the patterns that created my inner and outer radiance ?

Why am I too scared to shine, to take up the inner seat of my inherent divinity? What created and creates this fear ?

But more importantly, how can I wholly step into a much larger pattern with others? How can I spark my life into a bright flame, which I assume is the point that I came to experience as a human on this astonishing planet we call Earth !


I feel deeply grateful that somehow spirit has taken me by the hand and has whispered, and now shouts: there is SO much more to wake up to, and there are no excuses to not have the faith that it can happen !!

And so I boldly began with this Gofundme campaign, and you all stepped in and are helping me to make it happen.

At times I still cringe and think ‘how dare you, Ute, to think that you deserve this, this trip and these gifts of money to make it happen’.

These old patterns still trigger their old wounds, but honestly, dear friends, I really had and have no choice, or so it seems when I read these messages from the nature spirits that have communicated with Dorothy Maclean. This is a message from a shrub that she received as one of many🧚🏿‍♀️

Mock Orange


‘We are here before you think of us; we are always with our plants. We are attached to each little charge because we love to see it grow and have the keenest delight in being part of its development out of nothing into a perfect example of the pattern we hold. Not one little pore is out of line. Out of the elements we carve and unite again in a living example of one design of the Infinite Designer.

And what fun it is. Each little atom is held in its pattern in joy. We see you humans going grayly (this word stomped me !) about your designs, doing things without zest because “they have to be done”, and we marvel that your sparkling life could be so filtered down and disguised. (Is my life disguised?) Life is abundant joy; each little bite of a caterpillar into a leaf is done with more zest than we sometimes feel in you humans - and a caterpillar has not much consciousness. We would love to shake this sluggishness out of you all to make you see life as ever brighter, more creative, more blooming, waxing and waning, eternal and one......

I have leapt into your consciousness. I bow out, glad to have been with you, glad that you have appreciated what I have said, and still more glad to go back to our world of light. Think well of us; think of us with light ‘.

This is me, Ute, thinking and writing again.

Now doesn’t that just blow through your mind and get it to blaze some ?


How far have we strayed that a little bush has this kind of wisdom message and we have no clue, and many of us think that this is rubbish illusion anyway.

Well, I have to take this seriously in the utmost recesses of my puny, little developed brain and try to expand a little, or a lot to learn how to listen....beyond caterpillar consciousness 🐛

The plant world also claims that we humans are designed for huge yet undreamed power that could turn this planet on its axis and create peace, abundance, name it and it’s possible....with the same powerful focused we have beamed on isolation, and destruction of our own and every other species that shares this planet with us.... look at how much work and money have we thrown at that !

I am going to Findhorn because I want to learn how to LISTEN, and hope it is not too late at this stage of my life to share what I Iearn with others after my return.

Thank you for being with me in this circle of light which these Nature Spirits are talking about....