Preventing Triggers and Re-traumatizing

Much has been discovered and written about PTSD.
All of us have triggers that lie close to the surface, we get upset, frustrated, angry or sad, and often don't seem to have much control over any one of these quick unchecked responses.
For many of my clients these triggers are connected to some traumatic event, through emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The latter includes all three, and is therefore deeply embedded in the psycho-physical body.

Many people learn to build a defense mechanism that helps them to 'keep safe', addiction of any kind, alcohol, drugs, over eating, hiding from the world, perfectionism, ....anything... that helps one to stave off the 'monsters' involved in a traumatic event of the past.

We now know beyond a doubt that trauma gets stored in the cellular memory. The body holds on to it and imprints it in the cells, which become the
‘Molecules of the Emotions' written about by Candace Pert, PhD, Pharma Psychologist, author of the book by the same title, who also wrote the forward to my book 'Stuck is Not a Place'.
Until an inner authority and insight has been developed, as well as new ways of self care and the reprograming of abusive touch history, the triggers continue to live on the surface and can sabotage life’s dreams, activities, parenting, relationships and jobs.