Money represents an exchange of services. A person works for another person, or cause, and receives paper or coins, (except when money works for money, as in the stock market or banks, which represents a disconnect between people and from oneself).

So how can we learn to trust the energy power of money?
Maybe our first question should be: 
How can we learn to trust ourself, our work, our passion, our creativity, intuition, sensitivity, maturity and INNER AUTHORITY,  which is immense ?
How can we access this inner power in order to trust our work that gets exchanged for money?

The first step is to find out what life calls you to do, to cross the threshold to your authority that decides how to create the quality of the kind of life you want to live.
The next question is: how do I activate this power in my body and heart?

Our life is a testing ground for how to integrate polarities that exist on our planet as in dark/light, hot/cold, sweet/sour, day/night, love/fear, etc.
Only -past/present/future-  has three polarities with which to play the game of life, each one influencing the other.

If we are afraid of the past and its subliminal triggers still influence us today, we better find out what they are, so that we can learn from them and enlarge and expand our view to become more present in each moment. We can learn how to experience our body and feelings unconditionally to overrule our reactive responses. We can create new ways of thinking, feeling and being.

We don't have to get rid of, or forget the traumas of the past, but we can learn to acknowledge them and grow beyond them by embracing them, without bracing against them.
We can develop loving trust in the wisdom and power of the body's energy flow, to bless disease, loss, and any traumatic events with a much larger, expanded awareness.

This leads us back to TRUSTING the Power of Money, MONERGY.
Here we are integrating the polarities of Yin and Yang as we are acknowledging that money is not an isolated commodity that is used to buy "stuff" and create our livelihoods, but it is part of the connection to our work, our body, our feelings. 
In the end it is the work of our soul !

In the words of one of my students,  how about using our 'ridiculous courage' and befriend our body and emotions, our creativity and passion and learn to trust our nature....the God stuff we are all made of...and turn money into a powerful expression of the whole self: 
the integration of body, mind, emotions, spirit, creativity and the healing forces of nature.

As we connect our personal energy to the 'spirit and energy of money'  it will guide us into a healthy and abundant future !

I have called this Unergi -unity and energy.
We teach this healing process at the Unergi Center, a school for holistic psycho-somatic therapies that focuses on the integration of body, mind, emotion, spirit, creativity and nature.